The debut album of the Petrozavodsk group Ganesa “First Sigh” was released in 2014. He came into our hands almost a year later, but better late than never. Ganesa group,…

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The debut album of the Petrozavodsk group Ganesa “First Sigh” was released in 2014. He came into our hands almost a year later, but better late than never.

Ganesa group, one of the few young teams that do not use buzzwords to characterize their style, but operate on old terms that everyone knows – grunge, alternative, metal. For many, this combination can cause yawning and association with balding men over middle-aged trying to return back to the 90s. However, this is by no means the case. The group is only five years old, and behind their backs are a sufficient number of releases and live performances.

The first singles and EP have a characteristic grunge sound, and are unlikely to surprise the sophisticated music lover. But the full-length album “First Sigh” is made at a higher level, both in sound and in arrangements. From the very first chords, viscous gloomy music envelops the listener with molten resin, so that after a while it will turn into solid amber and forever remain in captivity.

Interview with the vocalist of the band “Ganesa”
Album’s cover
“First sigh”
The main reef of the first track, “Odin,” is able to supplant today’s fashionable stoners and slugers, however, the composition remains true to Seattle’s roots. The structure of the entire album throws the listener from extreme to extreme – furious action movies alternate with almost meditative songs. Despite the versatility of the tracks, practically each of them has hard memorable riffs, melodic solos and an adequate amount of noiz. Vocals follow the music in various sound ranges. Unfortunately, it is worth noting that the rude manner of singing the vocalist loses to his clear voice. The calm voice of Alexander Rybkin has one of the rare qualities – despite the fact that he is not low, sufficient depth is inherent in him. Detached vocals exist in a parallel plane and nevertheless fit perfectly into the melodic structure.

The intellectual message of the album, like the musical component, eliminates the monotony. Lyrics exist between the two poles of the underground: aggression against the conformism of society (“Cult of money”, “Farm”) and bottomless pits of spiritual self-digging (“Inhaling pain”, “Hell”). However, the Ganesa lyrics do not suffer from the commonplace inherent in young alternative teams. Concise and succinct phrases only add brightness to the overall palette of the album.

On the eve of publication, we decided to talk with Alexander Rybkin, vocalist, bass player and ideological inspirer of Ganesa:

Tell a little about the group. On the Internet there is only the date of your education and a few words about the releases. The composition of the team has not changed since its inception?

The composition has changed. We have been playing together with our guitarist Sergei for about 10 years already. For a long time we were looking for a drummer (a small town), in the end we found (also Serge). Since 2010, they started playing under the name Ganesa. The first EP of the same name was released in 2012 (5 songs recorded and mixed in Petrozavodsk). Later, in order to expand the creative possibilities of the group, they decided that it would be nice to add another guitarist (we do not have the 1st, 2nd or other gradations), so Zhenya came to the group.

How is the writing process going?

Basically, I get a sketch, which we then collectively beat. If you take root – we leave, if there is no development in the track – to hell.

How did the name of the group appear?

They wanted to come up with a name to sound equally good in Russian and English. My girlfriend gave me an amulet with Ganesa, well, I figured: “Here it is.” The guys approved.

“First Sigh” looks like a deeper performance than earlier EPs and singles. How long did it take to create it?

The album was written between 2013 and 2014, at various studios in PTZ. I am very picky about the device, and not a single studio with us was able to master all my requirements at once.

In what conditions was the album recorded – a professional studio or work at home?

The recording was done exclusively at professional studios – live sound without any reamps and other things there.

Why did you decide to mix the album abroad?

Mix and do mastering decided in Canada. The main reason is the quality / cost ratio. Well, there are problems with mastering in our country.

The “first breath” is heard in one breath. Does the album have any kind of concept? Deep meaning?

No, there is no definite concept. Apparently the order of the tracks was normally picked up. =)

Many groups are now producing releases on funds raised as voluntary donations. Did you resort to crowdfunding to create an album?

We deny crowdfunding. All the time the recordings were paid with money from concerts, and mixing and mastering – from your own pocket.

Do you understand that you also created your own clip and promotional videos on your own? In such matters, as a rule, people close to the group help.

Yes, all of our promos (and the clip too) are made by DIY (not to be confused with the collective farm =) by our friends (promo-Vz, clip-Max “Dog”). They are pros in their field and it’s very cool to work with them.

Did the release of the album give any impetus to the development of the group? Has something changed or is it still the same?

The album took the group to the next level and set the bar for us. This is something that is not a shame to show, even to such fathers as the bassist of the TAD band. Uncle approved.

You have a decent geography of performances. Are they often called to other cities? Maybe there are plans to speak abroad?

They call me from time to time. So far, there have been no concrete proposals from abroad. They write from the series: “cool if you come.”

Interview with the vocalist of the band “Ganesa”
Ganesa Group Logo
Everything is clear with the foreign roots of your music, but did any of the domestic artists influence the sound of Ganesa?

Many who influenced. Psyche and 7ras are probably on me. Yes, and it’s nice to talk with guys. Although basically the roots are not domestic.

When to expect the next longplay?

It’s hard to say with LP, but 2 new singles are already ready, they just left the way.

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