Michael Jackson “Thriller” (1982) - 66 million copies * Top 10 Record Selling Records Already in the first week after the release, about a million copies of the record were…

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Rock of the 70s (part 1)
Rock and roll, and later the so-called “avant-garde”, corresponded in time to riots that shocked the foundations of society. Alain Dister, author of the book “English Rock”: “Rock, which invaded…

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The term "grunge rock" has never been properly defined. Some consider it a subgenre of alternative rock music that emerged in the late 1980s around Seattle. Only a few immigrants…

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Rock of the 70s (part 2)

In the second half of the 70s, all young people were passionate about punk. Punks did not allow access to the stage, it was impossible to perform if you do not swear on the stage and know how to master the instrument. Therefore, in the second half of the 70s, heavy metal did not gain much popularity, and it flourished only in the first half of the 80s; all young people were swept by the heavy metal movement.

The band “Iron Maiden”, one of the giants of heavy metal, it was she who made heavy metal a popular movement among young people. The group was formed in 1977 in the UK. Along with some other bands, “Iron Maiden” was the so-called “new wave of English heavy metal.” Taking the sound of such groups of the early 70s as “Ice Zeppelin” and “Black Sabbet” as the model, “Iron Maiden” in a short time found its musical style, which, in turn, became a guide for other groups. Fame in the homeland came in 1979, when the song “Running Free” hit the “top thirty”. At the same time, the group performed a concert program in the program “Top of the Pops”, becoming the second group after “The Who” to receive this honor in 1973.

Also noteworthy is the German band Helloween, which has made a major contribution to heavy metal. Her distinguishing feature is that throughout her work she has been trying to combine two musical styles – heavy metal and classical. No wonder many music critics christened her music as “Wagnerian metal”. Later, “Helloween” produces another fusion of styles; Slavic folk tunes appear in her music.

Yes, heavy metal has truly become a kind of mixer, incorporating music of various styles and classical, folk music and rock and roll, but the basis is still the immortal Negro blues. It’s interesting that when the vocalist of Iron Maidan Dickenson was asked how he came to metal, he exclaimed: “Is there any metal at all?” “There was a blues, the blues remained, only it changed. For me it’s not a style and not a genre, it’s music, and for the sake of this music I came to rock. ”

Rock of the 80s.
The breakup of the Sex Pistols, followed by the decline of punk rock, marked the end of an era of Classical Rock and Roll that lasted more than twenty years. Next began a new era. In different parts of the UK, several young people organized their groups. In northern Newcastle, Gordon Sumner, having finally found like-minded people, teamed up with them in the Polis group. Poor Gordon had only one sweater in black and yellow stripes, because of him he got the nickname “Sting” – Sting. In Dublin, began to rehearsal “U-2.” Nick Rhodes and John Taylor organized the Duran Duran. In London, two groups started at the same time – Kue and Depeche Mode.

All of them were young then, greedy for work, and all of them were future – future stars, heroes of future scandals, authors of future records. By 1978, the young British tiredly lowered their colorful heads, and then all those who, coexisting with punk rock, were not punks were born.

The music that replaced it was called post-punk, although it would be more correct to be post-rock. Growing up somewhere inside the rock, it did not come from black rhythm and blues, but rather from white classics. The audience, blinded by rock, did not notice the substitution, and in the 80s post-punk under the pseudonym “new wave” triumphantly marched across Europe. And for some reason only in Europe took root.

One of the first completely post-punk bands was the Public Image Limited group. The group was made up of fragments of the two greatest groups of the previous generation – “Sex Pistols” and “Flash”. Lydon’s voice, which in the Pistol’s period caused associations with a runaway locomotive whistle, unexpectedly turned out to be quite pleasant, and the cocktail involved in P.I.L. was pleasant. “P.I.L.” didn’t win the noisy fame, but it was this group that became the impetus that made the music of the next generation develop.

In the mid-eighties, Kue entered the heyday. Having overcome with hits, they now preferred instrumental pieces with a minimum of text and a detailed arrangement.

Dublin bands that made a name for themselves in the mid-80s left an imprint of Irish folk ballads on a rock and roll guitar base. The success was so impressive that they began to talk about the Irish invasion. The first and loudest of all declared themselves “U-2”. They began with the performance of simple rock’n’rolls, gradually improving the technique of the game, they recorded three albums and became quite famous in their homeland. In 1982, they met with producer Bryan Inou. After going through his school, Yu-2 released in 1984 their famous album Unforgettable Fire, which sold in the United States with a circulation of 9 million. For a group almost unknown, it was a triumph . The next disc was released only in March 1987 and already in April became gold and took the first place in all charts, and all 10 of its compositions were headed by 10 popularity tables of the magazine “Melody Maker” – a case unheard of since the Beatles.

Post-punk reached its pinnacle, shocked America awarded U-2 with the title of the best band of the 80s. It was a victory, but it broke something in post-punk, and he began to fall apart before his eyes.

But fortunately, all rock is not based on pop rock, since the time of hard rock, rock has been divided into two directions: rock itself and hard rock, which subsequently gave rise to a kind of peculiar metal culture. So, in heavy music things turned out perfectly and it won new frontiers. But unfortunately since the advent of heavy metal, it has become the so-called “underground”, i.e. underground music not for everyone.

The beginning of the 80s went under the victorious procession of heavy metal, but it became less and less heavy and more commercial, which of course the majority of young people who wanted to rampage too did not like it. And in the early 80s, new music began to emerge – thrash metal. Thrash incorporated punk rock and heavy metal, incorporating rigidity, speed of the first and melody of the second. Thrash became the most difficult direction of music, this was mainly achieved by bringing the speed of the game to the physical limit, maximizing distortion of the sound of the guitar (thanks to the same Distortion effect) and maximizing the speed of the rhythm section, which began to resemble a cononade, by introducing a second bass drum. But thrash did not consist of only one speed, it was remarkable in that there was a melody along with speed, and frequent sharp changes in rhythm made it inimitable. Thrash originated in America, and as an alternative to the beginner becoming pompous heavy metal. Parents of trash are considered to be such groups as Metallica, Slayer, Celtic Frost. In his infancy, thrash mainly praised aggressiveness and militancy, but very soon its level increased sharply and at the same time as music became more complicated, thrash groups sang about pressing issues – the nuclear threat, political instability, protest against drugs, abortion, suicide, historical mistakes of mankind and generally what is such a person.

As I have already noted, Metallica is rightfully considered one of the pioneers of this style. Its phenomenon is that without “forty-fives” and spectacular videos, going onto the stage without makeup, without broadcasting songs on radio and television, to the accompaniment of ridicule from a solid musical In the press, the group not only stood at the head of the new heavy underground, but also gained a reputation as a supergroup outside of it. “Metallica” plays “refined metal”, free even of “hereditary impurities” – the rhythmic richness of the compositions, the extreme laconicism of musical themes, the hidden dynamics of arrangements instantly distinguish the group from many similar ones, taking as the basis the external signs of the “metallic” metal. In their works, the musicians are so honest and sincere that it seems that the 70s – with their compromises, fatigue, hypocrisy, pragmatism, inferiority complexes and an animal fear of the future – never existed. A group capable of destroying the legacy of the “post-reformist decade with a guitar riff “, can justifiably claim the title of the heiress of the 60s, the era of Woodstock and naive” children of flowers. “Only” Metallica “is not naive, but extremely bitter – the loss of colorful illusions, its time and its cruelty, and nevertheless She is then the second generation of Woodstock. But the story of Metallica is not only the sincerity of the 60s, with their challenge to prudish morality; this is the end of the 70s, when the “new wave” of heavy metal in english again raised the question: how to live on? The frantic dynamics of the music of Motorhead, Saxon and Diamond Head gave him his answer: salvation is in motion, in speed – water does not flow under a lying stone. Stop talking, it’s time to get down to business, man himself is the master of his fate! The band’s history begins with Danes Lars Ulrich, who was seriously involved in tennis, so serious that he became Copenhagen junior champion. In 1980, his parents moved to Los Angeles.

ilities of purely electronic creativity, which were chosen for

His sports career ended on its own and Lars was also seriously engaged in percussion. A year later he came across an ad in the newspaper: a certain James Hetfield was looking for musicians for the group. They quickly converged, mutual sympathy grew into friendship. Hatfield’s friend and neighbor, Ron McGowney, became the bass player, and black guitarist Lloyd Grant was invited to solo. Hatfield’s vocals in strength and timbre turned out to be very similar to the voice of Ozzy Osbourne (this was later noted by Ozzy himself). Grant dropped out after a week of rehearsals: Hatfield’s rhythmic experiments were not able to do this, in general, a promising guitarist. Dave Mustaine came in his place, and in the summer of 1982, “Metallica” recorded her first track. The tape with the recording went to Megafors and two weeks later “Metallica” signed a contract for the first record. However, in the midst of the work, bass player McGowney also announced that he could no longer play with Hatfield: “From his rhythmic beats, my brains stood on end, is he crazy – are we playing rock or Stravinsky?” Hatfield and Ulrich immediately flew to San Francisco, where they found the great bass player Cliff Burton, who was playing in the Trauma band at the time. Cliff Burton was a professional musician with a long history of work. Like any good bass player, Burton played the piano very well, mastered musical theory – step by step, he, like a teacher, led his less experienced colleagues to understand the basics of music, laid the foundation for further work , unleashed Hatfield’s creativity from the shackles of ignorance. Cliff taught Hatfield how to work, and he liked it. In March 1983, the group began recording an interrupted album. The musicians worked twenty hours a day, but … Burton’s appearance, his “school of good manners” did not go unnoticed, Ulrich and Hatfield felt uncomfortable, although nothing seemed to have changed. However, it changed. Their perception of music, the criteria, the requirements for the material changed. “Dave Mustaine is an excellent guitar player, probably he is the fastest guitarist in the metal,” says Hatfield, but we have already become different, and Dave continued to beat on “the strings, as if nothing had happened. We needed another who could handle the melodies.” This “other turned out to be Kirk Hammett of the San Francisco band Exedus, a fan of Jimi Handrix and Michael Schenker, able to realize any other idea with the precision of a computer. Fortunately, the” castling “of guitarists has been painless (Mustaine has since been playing Mega Det , a group called the “fast and straightforward copy of Metallica.”) A new group has appeared before hard rock fans. But it’s not quite what it was supposed to be. Despite some of the classic black Sabbath and Ice Zeppelin “, composition” Metal iki “look more” dry “, sharp and rhythmic wonders Hatfield generally questioned the membership of the group to rock in the traditional sense of the word. In general, the music group” Metallica “is much more complex than anything had once been in the rock.

However, the texts of the first album “Kill’em All” practically did not differ from standard developments, for example, “Judas Priest”: rock, long live rock and only rock! The second album “Right the Lighting” (1984) became fundamentally different. Musically, he deepens and develops the finds that marked the group’s debut, but the poems here came to the fore and bear the same emotional load as music. Metallica tackled very difficult topics: war, the death penalty, drug abuse, psychosis violence, suppression of dissent – topics that have always been present in the work of this group. Having recorded the third album, Metallica almost immediately acquires the status of a supergroup – a triumphal tour with Ozzy Osbourne, an unprecedented realization of a disc that almost instantly became gold. In the early fall of 1986, or rather, in September, Metallica went on tour in Scandinavia. On the road from Stockholm to Copenhagen, a bus with musicians and staff could not resist a slippery turn and turned around. One man died, Cliff Burton. He was 24 years old. Having recovered from the shock, Metallica announced a bass guitar contest. They received 340 demo recordings, of which one was selected. Its author was Jason Newsted.

“… And justice for all” is what Metallica called their double album, released in 1988. For the first time since recording “Kill’em all,” the band came to the studio with finished material. The work moved very hard: the thought crushed that these were the first independent compositions, through the notes of which Burton’s eyes did not run through. Perhaps this album turned out to be the most interesting in the history of Metallica. In record time, he became platinum. The new album of the group appeared on the shelves on August 4, 1991 and by August 6 it was already twice “gold”. This work can be considered as not typical for the direction of “speed thrash metal” and at the same time quite logical, as applied to the concept of the work of Metallica:

themselves by rivals and associates of Kue, Depeche Mode, attracted musicians from the 1960s. After the punks who hated the synthesizer, it was rediscovered by the Human League, thanks to which by the 80th year they had become a very popular group. But the whole difficulty consisted in writing catchy melodies. And the Depeche Mod did it. ” The Mirror Record magazine in 1984 called the group “a supergroup of international composition.” During this period, the group, in addition to music, developed an extraordinary political activity and even sided with the “Red Wedge” trend led by Bill Bragg. At the same time, the organization of concerts was perfected. Shocked by the scenery and lighting effects, the critics unanimously admitted that of all electronic groups, Depeche Mode has the most powerful concert show.



Michael Jackson “Thriller” (1982) - 66 million copies * Top 10 Record Selling Records Already in the first week after the release, about a million copies of the record were…


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